Sunday, March 15, 2009

Actor Vijay Frustrated about Villu Movie - Shouted hard at the Press Meet

This is truly unbelievable that actor Vijay shouting towards media after huge frustration of his previous flick “Villu”.
Vijay had been visited many theatres around Tamilnadu’s various districts for “Villu” movie at that time a media people asked about Villu’s failure “actor himself lost all his control and shouted unknown persons...More

Is Vijay frustrated about the villu Flick?
watching this video i was unbelievable that actor Vijay shouting towards media with huge frustration. i feel very bad about this... Guys what do you think about this? Click Here For More


  1. what difference does it make , if u know what i think .. better delete the post and stop making this something bigger is actually is .... stop spreading false propaganda

  2. ////stop spreading false propaganda////
    what false in this news ,r u trying to say that it is morphing ,this shows the ugly face of vijay clearly

    vijay sucks to the core

  3. u guys have taken Vijay scolding his kid while disturbing the press meet and propogating it false... Vijay always rocks

  4. Intha naaya kaluvi nadu veetula vaikalama??

  5. I liked vijay and his films but the way he behaved nodding towards everyone showed that he is just as arrogant.
    After all its the media and the public that made him a star.
    After seeing this, i just shouted back
    " what the f&%$@$ do you think about yourself idiot ?"

    Its the same thoughts my friends and relatives had.

  6. ur total waste da vijay nayae

  7. Though an actor he too is a human being who is bound to all emotions and feelings like anger, self respect etc. Moreover media people go to press meets not to render service to vijay. Insted they go for their own benefits and popularity.
    There is nothing to make a hype about this because each of us will face similar situations where something serious for us may be funny for others and they may make fun of us where we are forced to loose our temper.

  8. vijay ya pathi pesa entha mayiranukum yogitha illai. Theva illama rumour spread panrathu nenga thanda. Ilayathalapathy always rock

  9. vijay oru mayirandi...avanuku poei support panringale da....vijay sucks....paaru naaiku kovamellam varuthu...apa hit kodu....ilena mooditu iru......

  10. vijaya enakku 2007 varaikkum evlo pudikkumnrathu enakku mattumthan therium aana ippa intha DOG ku continuosa floph kodutha udane kovam pothukkutu varuthu,naan intha VIJAY naaya pathu oru kelvi kekuren dei TIFFIN BOX thalaya unakku satham pottavanga mela kovama illa VILLU padam ean floph aachunnu ketta press mela kovma?

  11. vijay oru dubakor payan