Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Indian (Hindi/Tamil) Film to be remade in Hollywood for First Time

Yavarum Nalam (13B in Hindi)which is Directed by Vikram K. Kumar, starring Madhavan and Neetu Chandra, Yavarum Nalam is a refreshing, bilingual (Tamil and Hindi) film in the horror genre.
The director, who is on Cloud Nine with this news, says, “I’m on top of the world. I am too excited and it’s taking time to sink in.
The Indian film industry is enjoying a whale of a time in Hollywood. Looks like the East-meets-West season has finally arrived. It is a Tamil/ Hindi movie’s turn to make it to Hollywood.
Yes, Yavarum Nalam (13B in Hindi) is to be remade in Hollywood. Normally, we get inspiration from Hollywood flicks and remake them in our country. But, for the first time ever, an Indian film is being remade in Hollywood. It’s truly a great honor.” A great honor indeed. Hope the film achieves box office success in Hollywood also…More

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