Tuesday, May 19, 2009

UPA to Form Government

UPA emerges as a strong winner in a healthy competition against NDA. It is confirmed that UPA led by congress is in the process of forming a new government and it is expected that the new governmant would come into existence by MAY 21. Meanwhile all parties are agreeing to support the party pushing the numbers tally clearly towards Congress to stake claim to form the Government.

Congress Parliamentry Party elects Manmohan Singh as PM candidate. Pranab Mukherjee is the leader of Lok Sabha. Congress to stake claim to form the government tomorrow. Sonia Gandhi elected as president of CPP. BSP (21) agrees to unconditionally support Congress from outside. Manmohan Singh asked me to help form a secular government told Mayawati. Kamal nath,Pranab mukherkee likely to be the finance minister.

Chidambaram likely to be the Home minister. Congress opposed to Montek Singh being the FM, want a politician to be the FM. Kapil Sibal minght get HRD if Rahul declines. DMK asks for 3 cabinets and Congress is expected to give 2. Twenty cabinet berths to be given to allies.

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