Sunday, April 18, 2010

My favorite upcoming movies

I and my friends are always a huge fan of Hollywood and kollywood movies. Generally movies makes us feel better and it is an interesting area for pleasure and leisure.

After seeing the blockbuster Hollywood films such as Avatar, 2012, Clash Of The Titans and Iron Man 2, i feel that entertainment world has changed a lot.

Usually me and my friends will go to the theater to see the most interesting and amazing film such as Avatar, Hurt locker, 2012, etc. I always enjoy going to the movies, music concert, watching TV series or even gossip shows. I always look for more information about those latest and upcoming movies, TV series and celebrities activities in the internet.

After having the complete and interesting review about the latest movies, actors and actresses. i and my friends will decided whether to go to the film or not. My favorite upcoming movies that i and my friends waiting for this year is Prince of Persia : The Sand of Times and Enthiran.

I love this movie because i used to play this game Prince of Persia : The Sand of Times a lot. I love the story and game play. I hope this movie comes well and become a blockbuster of this year.

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